performance proposal, events & gigs:




Un Voyage au bout du Possible de l'Homme for 10 musicians censored in 2008 waiting for world premiere
Ourdission generation 2 an interactive giant musical instrument building waiting since 2000 waiting for world premiere
Le Silence Complice pour la Jeune-Fille Modèle for 24 musicians + ad lib parasitic musicians waiting for world premiere
Les Complices du Silence for 5 computers, 4 vjs & 1 musician (2009 new creations)
Ourdission for flutes inflatable building and moving sound system (1982)
Les Ephemerodes Cardent des Chrônes for 7 pianos in bad state (1984) waiting for wold premiere
Cauchemar Atomic for electric guitar orchestra surrouding the audience (1979) waiting for world premiere with the electric guitar orchestra
Ludus Musicae Temporarium, music game for archisonic lamps orchestra (1980)
Tension, music for bowed strings and percussion with muscular tension (1982) waiting for world premiere
It is Impossible to give a title to this phenomenum because the unknown beyond the space and time has no name, for lying stick bowed classical guitar (1983)
les Rescapés de l'Hégémonie Culturelle, an opera for an audience in the rescue city (2008)

and many others: waiting music

and so many others: list of works décrites Dans le ciel, le Bruit de l'Ombre (livre du compositeur)




now off: LES COMPLICES DU SILENCE : with Delphine Depres (video) & Mathius Shadow-Sky (composition, performance). dOwnload the presentation in pdf 375Ko

now off: L'EXTREME SONIQUE SANS CONCESSION REUNI : from opera to blast music, collective of artists united by Myster Shadow-Sky.

now off: LES ENTREPRISES GLORIFIEES (international): (drum, archisonic lamp, and electronics) composed by Donus, Macrocoma & Myster Shadow-Sky: music for the movie "le film rouge" (gig with movie)

now off: THE LAMPLAYER AND THE MACHINES [le joueur de lampe et les machines] (France): the lamplayer use a battery of machines in contrast of his human live playing hesitation. [ artificial choir + live lamp playing + live voice singing + artificial orchestra of virtual lamps + 3D sound installation + the time vessel installation + mask + costume]. performance people [1composer-performer + 1sound-engineer]

now off: THE SHADOW-SKY-ENSEMBLE x5 (France) : 7 to 17 musicians from Toulouse play the chamber music of Mathius Shadow-Sky: The Strange Lizards of Improbable Universes. 5 different Shadow-Sky-Ensembles play the 5 episode of "the strange lizards of improbable universes" 8h21mn of music.

now off: S.P.O.R.T. (France) : the Specialists of Problems Obscene Racist & Taboo, hardcore trio (drum'n bass'n guitar'n voice), plays the new creation « To Be Definitively Done with Democracy ».

now off: KNOTS SYSTEM in your city : performance with a part or complete Pomoc Do Groba's instrumentarium + art installation + amateurs of spoken words (in duet and/or in double choir) playing badminton + costumes + 20 white-arms inflatable tubes installation. performance people [1composer musician + 1soundengineer]+[2 person or/and 2 choirs spoken words amateurs from the city which invites the performance]

now off: WINDS OF SKINS we speak whales' song (Brasil): silent music in asleep city 1 am outdoor installation like gardens at night [trumpet + doublebass + space sensations electronics + 3D sound installation]. performancepeople[1composermusician + 1doublebassplayer]

now on (on hold): THE TRANS-CULTURAL SYN-PHONE ORCHESTRA in your city : 100 musicians from all cultures and genre of music without any restriction are welcome to play a new Syn-phône music all together in the same place conducted by Mathius Shadow-Sky. performance people [1composer conductor]+[100 musicians & performer artists from video, dance, etc. of the country].

now on (on hold): THE RE:COMPOSERS BAND (international): Creation of K. Stockhausen's music re:composed in the live performance: "hOld uP-Traité de décomposition, des Pilleurs d'E-paves" with: Myster Shadow-Sky, Alfred Harth, Andrea Martignoni, Matthew Ostrowski, Laurent Dailleau, and Alain de Filippis (too late: Alain died in 2010).


centrebombe records label
To listen by free downloading all the centrebombe music albums go to the centre bombe free netlabel
centrebombe door one



Management for the enigmatic Myster Shadow-Sky, pOmOc dO gROba, and collective bands live performances:



Next GIGs:


at Den Haag Nederland world premiere of the untitled hOpera in a big company office building: we are looking for a French-Netherland opera producer
Download the 2011 project (pdf)


September at Son MiRé festival, Fabresan France
Ghost Scary music for the "end of the world"
, music for an eclectic orchestra
for 2 with Henri Demilecamps (world premiere)


September 28 at Patterns+Pleasure festival, Amsterdam Holland
The Archisonic Lamp at Handmade Music at STEIM on Wednesday, Sept 28 at the Frascati Theater in Amsterdam 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

the archisonic lamp at Patterns+pleasure Steim festival
A historical relic of what could be a musical instrument in the futur

January 30 start at 6 pm at le Ring theater, Toulouse France
LA FARSA HUMANA, the theater director Michel Mathieu with le Théâtre 2 l'Acte will perform the Mathius Shadow-Sky opera as a play (world premiere).

January 30 start at 4 pm at le Ring theater, Toulouse France
, an exhibition with the artist Nataly Nato where Mathius Shadow-Sky will show his video made with Nataly Nato's 61 portraits and with the music of ASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.


November 27, Terra Blanca, 8 pm
ASSEEEEEEEEEEEZ, solo live act with analogue synthesizer (Myster Shadow-Sky can still turn synth buttons).

November at Grütli, Geneva [canceled]

October at Ring Theater, Toulouse [canceled]

All Myster Shadow-Sky personnal performances and concerts are canceled since may 2009 until August 2010 December 2011 and beyond depending of his health state.

May 8 to 13 at 8pm at le Ring theater, Toulouse, France (world premiere).
TRIA FATA les diseures, les Voyageures, a play by Maylis Bouffartigue with Cecil Signoret, Laurence Diolez, Maylis Bouffartigue, and Jerôme Giusti. Video by Myriam Botto, light by Christophe Deflorenne, music by Mathius Shadow-Sky.


November 21 at 8 pm, at the Audio Art festival, Krakow, Poland
world premiere of the quadraphonic music Le Silence Complice pour la Jeune-Fille Modèle for 23 musicians + parasitic musicians: replaced by
Les Complices du Silence concerto for unoctavian electric guitar, Bali & Irish flutes, voice and quadraphonic OVO (Organized Virtual Orchestra) with quadragraphic video projection.
Myster Shadow-Sky performing at Audio Art Festival 2009
musicians of Le Silence Complice pour la Jeune-Fille Modèle
[4 surround trombones
4 surround percussion
string quartet with doublebass in the center
8 voices female choir attached
quadraphonic organs-samplers
soprano colorature with Olga Swajgier
electric guitar and analog synthesizer with Mathius Shadow-Sky
with the musicians of the Muzyka Centrum Ensemble
+ the 1983 Mathius Shadow-Sky parasitic music Avant Eve & Adam & Après
with the musicians of the Improvisers Ensemble

+ surround video environment]


l'Extrême Sonique Sans Concession Réuni unknown music replaced by Un Voyage au bout du Possible de l'Homme censored by its sponsor: volontary cancellation of the world premiere by the theater director scary about fog music.
November 21 at 8 pm, world premiere at the MJC Roguet, Toulouse
Un Voyage Au Bout Du Possible De l'Homme: poster

allowing musicians:
THOMAS FIANCETTE clariflute & percussions
GIL.G clarinette basse
TEDDY DORIS trombone
PIERRE CUFFINI crystal Baschet
NICOBLAST grindcore drums
CYRIL MARCHE contrabass & electric bass guitar
EMB digital electronic
MYSTER SHADOW-SKY electric guitar, synthesizers, sampler, trumpet, harmonica, composition & direction
retaining musicians:
NICOBLAST grindcore drums
HENRI DEMILECAMPS computer orchestra conductor
MYSTER SHADOW-SKY electric guitar, synthesizers, sampler, trumpet, harmonica, composition & direction

l'Erotisme Extrême de l'Extase (opera) replaced by Les Rescapés de l'Hégémonie Culturelle (opera)
October 22 & 23 world premiere at the Ring theater in Toulouse at 8 pm

poster of the opera

composition, libretto, musician and direction: Mathius Shadow-Sky
codirector: Maylis Bouffartigue
stage design: Nataly Nato
light design: Christophe Deflorenne
video "commercials": Ahmed Azzouz & Mathius Shadow-Sky
3D sounds control & computer orchestra conductor: Henri demilecamps
contralto: Carole Marche
drums & percussion: Nicoblast
electric bass & contrabass: Cyril Marche
le Choeur de Femmes Hurlantes (generation 3): Jeanne Ribis, Megi, Carole, Eleonore, Marion, Elsa.
actresses: Cecil Signoret, Maylis Bouffartigue.

PERSONNES ACTANTES in the uncreated De l'Extase l'Erotisme Extrême
10 Personnages (29 personnes)

La Vagabonde Errante (mezzo-soprano) Iris Lancery
La Jouisseuse Enceinte Alcoolique BCBG (contralto) Carole Marche
Le Mâle Inexistant (basse) Jean-Claude Sarragosse
Le Restaurateur Goûteux (cuisinier) Gaël Trellu
Le Confesseur des Désirs Assouvis (parole aiguë) Sébastien Guéraud
Le Juge Commentateur (parole grave) Laurent Nion
Le Chœur de Femmes Hurlantes (hurlements) Isabelle Lartigue, Elizabeth Masse, Nathaly Nato, Jeanne Ribis, Fatima Guevara, B.A.3x
les Déplaceuses (12 sentinelles avec soupirs) 12 stagiaires du Ring
Les Pilleurs de Temps (3 caméraman : prises détaillées pour délation à corps mobiles) Benoît Maestre,Ahmed AzzouzJean-Jacques Valencak
Le public : Anonyme

9 personnages (13 personnes)

l’Organe du Silence (flûte basse) Masako Ishimura
le Taquineur d’Angoisse (clariflûte, pvcsax, percussions) Thomas Fiancette
l’Intellect-Violence Sommeille (clarinette basse) GiL.G
l’Eolien Touche Sourire (Crystal Baschet) Pierre Cuffini
L’Amoureux Dévastateur aux Yeux Tendres (électroniques) Electro Magnetic Bomb
Le Distenseur des Temps (contrebasse et basse électrique) Cyril Marche
les Sonneurs Espiègles (quatre trombones) Fabien Binard, Christophe Bocle, Teddy Doris, Guillaume Pique
les Frappeurs Explorateurs batterie « blast » Nicoblast
batterie « free » Guy Canar Bayssac
le Provocateur (voix, synthétiseurs, sampler, violoncelle, guitare électrique, harmonica) Mathius Shadow-Sky

10 personnages (14 personnes)

la metteur en scène Maylis Bouffartigue
3 Conteurs Vidéo (création et projection vidéo) Erik Damiano, Florian Maume, Mathieu Capel
le sonorisateur Benjamin Maumus
le spatialisateur des sons Charles Bascou
le créateur & régisseur lumière Christophe Deflorenne
les scénographes Nathaly Nato &
les costumières Marjory Salles & Sylvianne Compeau
le faiseur et manipulateur de masques Benjamin « Masque »
le chorégraphe Laurent Chourrau
l'accessoiriste Pierre Dequivre

l'Extrême Sonique Sans Concession Réuni (blast music)
June 14, Mouremont, Tapette Fest, 3 pm
"Nous sommes là pour troubler nos sens au-delà des limites du possible de l'Homme et percer la supercherie dans l'extase."
with NicoBlast (drums), Myster Shadow-Sky (guitar), and le Choeur de Femmes Hurlantes with Nataly Nato, Isabelle Lartigue, Jeanne Ribis, Aurore Urribelarea, Fatima Guevara: the Women Screaming Choir.


La Musique Extrême de l'Extase (erotic music)
December12, Toulouse, Mix'Art Myrys, 7 to 10pm
l'Extrême Sonique Sans Concession Réuni (2007) [quasi-opera Bataille project - 12 décembre 2007 -] MixArt Myrys 2007
De l'Extase, la Musique Extrême: poster

composed with
Georges Bataille (textes), the Initiator (texts from his books: video projected, howled and said)
le Provocateur (the Agitator): Myster Shadow-Sky (composer, direction, electric guitar, cellocubic, synthesizers, voice, video), the Being Provocative (electric guitar, synthesizer, cello, voice, composition, organization, video pictures and textes-projection composition)
les Frappeurs Explorateurs (the Striker Explorer) : Nicoblast (grindcore drums), the grindcore Striker Explorer (drums) & Guy Canar Bayssac (free-jazz drums), the free-jazz Striker Explorer (drums)
le Solitaire (the Loner): Aloof Proof (electronic guitar), the Being Solitary (electro-guitar)
le Sex-Tuor de Trombes (les Sonneurs Espiègles = the Mischievous Ringers): Teddy Doris (trombone), Guillaume Pique (trombone), Christophe Bocle (trombone), Fabien Binard (trombone).
le Choeur de Femmes Hurlantes (the Screaming Women Choir and the Howling Woman Choir): Isabelle Lartigue (writer), Aurore Urribelarea (visual artist), Elizabeth Masse (actress & dancer), Nathaly Nato (visual artist), Carine Vogel (performer), Fatima Guevara (radio director), Jeanne Ribis (rock singer)
la Vagabonde Errante (the Wandering Wanderer): Iris Lancery (mezzo-soprano), the Lost Wanderer
le Distenseur des Temps (the Time Distantcor): Cyril Marche (contrebasse et basse électrique), the Distanced-slack of Times (electric contrabass & bass guitar)
l’Amoureux Dévastateur aux Yeux Tendres (the Devastating Lover with Soft Eyes): EMB - Electro Magnetic Bomb - (sonic computer)
le Restaurateur Goûteux (the Flavorful Restorer): Gaël Trellu (chef cuisinier)
l’Enthousiaste Happeur (the Enthusiast Grabber or Snaper): Reno bad Menat (3screensVisualShooter)
les Têteurs de Sensibles (the Sensitives Sucker): Robert Vucko & Christophe Calastreng (quadraphonic sound engineers & recording)
le Pilleur de Temps (the Time Plunderer): Benoît Maestre (filmeur = camera shooter)

Les Diseurs ou déroute de dires et d'opinions d'un esprit perturbé (play by Maylis Bouffartigue, music by Myster Shadow-Sky)
end of November beginning of December, Toulouse, Mix'Art Myrys
November 19, Lavaur, Halle de Lavaur 8pm
July 11 to 15, Paris, Gare au Théâtre 9pm

HELP inTension (concerto for double trumpet, 4 orchestra and video projection)
(world premiere)
June 2 Lavaur, la Bassecour 8pm

Myster Shadow-Sky double trumpet solo & composition


The Lamplayer & the Machines (Inside of my Aliveness)
October 26 Berlin Fischladen with Retrokill & Visualshooter 10pm
October 17 Berlin Open Space 9pm

The Lamplayer & the Machines (new creation with live synthesizers, archisonic lamp & voice)
July 19 Toulouse Le Baratin 9pm

Les Entreprises Glorifiées (drum, archisonic lamp, and electronics) composed by Donus, Macrocoma & Myster Shadow-Sky: music for the movie "le film rouge" (gig with movie)
• June 21 2006 Toulouse Mix'Art Myrys 10pm
• May 19 2006 St Lys Terre Blanque 10pm

les entreprises glorifiées live gig with the movie "le film rouge"

The Trans-Cultural Syn-phone Orchestra of Toulouse (100 musicians) play the Syn-phone NO3 "Nos Traces de Vie à Titre Provisoire" censored and forbidden by the city mayor
music composed & conducted by Myster Shadow-Sky
200?, Halle aux Grains of Toulouse, 9 pm

les Lézards étranges des Univers Improbables (different combination of chamber orchestra each month representing the Shadow-Sky-Ensemble)
at le Mandala 23 rue des Amidonniers in Toulouse France (every second wednesday of each month starting in september 2005)
Music composed, conducted, and played by Myster Shadow-Sky with :
• 11 janvier 2006 : electric orchestra : Myster Shadow-Sky (textes, guitare 9tons, mono/poly+sq10+saturation, sinus, TG77+glove, voix et autres instruments), special guest: Aloof Proof (guitare électronique), Roger Cazenave (claviers chercheurs de tons), Johann Bourquenez (claviers chercheurs de tons), Christophe Calastreng (guitare électrique), Stéphane Marcaillou (guitare électrique), Jean-Pierre Albert (percussions), Eric Volpatti (percussions), Michel Propiloski (ordinateur sonique), Aymeric de Topol (ordinateur sonique), Hélène Sage (objets sonores), Rénaldo Gournier (sonorisation spatialisée & enregistrement audio)


les Lézards étranges des Univers Improbables (different combination of chamber orchestra each month representing the Shadow-Sky-Ensemble)
at le Mandala 23 rue des Amidonniers in Toulouse France (every second wednesday of each month starting in september 2005)
Music composed, conducted, and played by Myster Shadow-Sky with :
• 14 décembre 2005 : winds orchestra : Myster Shadow-Sky (compositeur, chef d'orchestre, lampe archisonique, trompette, clavier, synthétiseur, voix et autres instruments), Eric Pailhé (saxophone ténor, pvc sax), Yannick Puybaret (saxophone alto), Anaïs Andret-Cartini (trompette à coulisse), Elisa Trocmé (clarinette contrebasse), Stéphanie Marchesi (voix soprano), Stéphane Marcaillou (voix ténor), Maylis Isabelle Boufartigue (comédienne), Benjamin Nakach (comédien), guest : le Gréca with : André Dion (électroacoustique), Henri Demillecamps (ordinateur sonique), Rénaldo Gournier (sonorisation spatialisée & enregistrement audio)
• 9 novembre 2005 : girls orchestra : Myster Shadow-Sky (compositeur, chef d'orchestre, lampe archisonique, trompette, clavier, synthétiseur, voix et autres instruments), Kat Cross (synthétiseur), Anaïs Andret-Cartini (trompette, trompette à coulisse, flûte), Hélène Sage (flûte basse, glissarinette), Isabelle Bagur (flûte), Fanny Sauvageot (flûte), Amandine Gérôme (flûte), Elisa Trocmé (clarinette contrebasse), Alix Quéritet (contrebasse), Blandine Iordan (violon), Fanny (violoncelle & scie musicale), Stéphanie Marchesi (soprano colorature), Maylis Isabelle Boufartigue (comédienne), Rénaldo Gournier (sonorisation spatialisée & enregistrement audio)
• 12 octobre 2005 : strings orchestra : Myster Shadow-Sky (compositeur, chef d'orchestre, lampe archisonique, arco-guitar, clavier et autres instruments), Maître Miroslaw, François Bes (violons), dominique Regef (violoncelle & vielle à roue), Saïd Daou (viole de gambe), Pierre-Jean Trouette, Alix Quéritet, Guillaume Gendre (contrebasses), Cyril Marche (ghimbri, tampura, ashbory bass), Stephan Garcia, Hervé Richaud (guitares basses), Eric Volpatti (percussion), Christophe Calastreng (guitare électrique), Iris Lancery (mezzo soprano).
• 14 septembre 2005 : sonic objects, percussion, electronics, and voices orchestra with: Myster Shadow-Sky (compositeur, chef d'orchestre, lampe archisonique, voix, trompette, clavier et autres instruments), Hélène Sage (objets sonores), Donus (percussions), Alexandre Piques (percussions), Fedaden (ordinateur sonique), No I.D. (ordinateur sonique), Stéphanie Marchesi (soprano colorature, clavier), Pierre Cuffini (Cristal & Structures Sonores Baschet) _sous réserve, Caroline le Méhauté (hang et installation plastique), Sami Benhaouachi (création lumière), Rénaldo Gournier (sonorisation spatialisée & enregistrement audio).

poster des lézards étranges des univers improbables

The Lamplayer & the Machines (new creation: "inside my aliveness" = à l'intérieur de mon vivant)
May 21, Toulouse, Mix'Art Myrys 10pm.
June 28, Toulouse, outdoor private garden from 5 to 10 pm.
July 3, Moissac, outdoor from 2 to 10 pm.
July 6, Villefranche de Rouergue, festival, 10 pm.
July 14, St Afrique, outdoor at 10 pm.

September 3, le Greca festival, Aude, 8 pm.
September 10, .G festival, Gaillac, 9pm.


Pomoc Do Groba
septembre à Toulouse galerie Can' Art
installation sonique "le rêve des femmes-poisson" où la musique est masquée par le bruit continu de l'eau pour l'installation piscicole de l'artiste Dorota Sadowski.
[France 93]
"musique piscicole (spatialisée en multiples trajectoires 3D et accordées sur des gammes inouïes), avec le choeur mixte des camarades baigneurs, l'orchestre des eaux et les objets trouvés pour offrir "LA PLUS BELLE MUSIQUE DU MONDE" musique pour chœur (baigné), orchestre (d'eaux) et instruments solistes (d'objets trouvés piscicoles) par l'ex compositeur soviétique Pomoc Do Groba décoré de la médaille 1961 du meilleur ouvrier sonique.
contact Espace des Airs :


The Lamplayer & the Machines
August 30 outdoor, south of Toulouse at Pluriel, 10 pm.

The Re:composers Band
Switzerland, Germany, France, England...
" Creation of K. Stockhausen's music re:composed in live performance: "hOld uP-Traité de décomposition, des Pilleurs d'E-paves" with: Myster Shadow-Sky, Alfred Harth, Andrea Martignoni, Matthew Ostrowski, Laurent Dailleau, and Alain de Filippis.

O enigmatico Myster Shadow-Sky
2003 : Rio de Janeiro [Brasil]
"Creation in Brasil of "Os efêmeros desembaraçam os instantes ou os eternos êrros dos tempos ? una turbulência musical desviado de tempo e espaço" by Myster Shadow-Sky and his Virtual Orchestra.
"Creation in Brasil of "7 Ephemerodes cardent des chrônes partis du centre de la bombe" by the Waldemar Reis piano trio"
contact Bertrand Rigot-Muller for details :

2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After
samedi 25 janvier 20h 45 La Malterie, rue Kuhlmann - Lille [France]
"2 Joueurs de Lampe 5000 Ans Apres sortiront des âges de la Terre pour donner une partie de leur 3eme album: "3rd travel in time", "le temps n'a pas d'age", "le plaisir de jouer de la musique ensemble"".
"2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After will get out from the age of Earth to give us a part or their last album untitled: "3rd travel in time: time has no age, the pleasure to play music together"
call Falter Bramnk for details : 33/ 6 07 91 58 08 or e-mail here

the lamplayer


l' énigmatic Myster Shadow-Sky
November 15, : at Torcy [near Paris, France] : Espace Lino-Ventura 8:30 pm.
"mathius shadow sky, compositeur et guitariste stratosphérique créera une oeuvre originale "Jeux Interdits" pour guitare électrique mal tempérée et spatialisateur".
How to get there? Train RER line A, Torcy station then bus 220 or 421 to Place de la Mairie.
contact Valérianne Valdelièvre for details :


Ourdission generation 2 (Paris - Montreal) unreleased yet (2011).

Ourdition generation 2 in Montreal



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